M191 Building Retrofit Northrop Grumman Addendum

Project Info

Bid Date: 06/21
Bid Time: 1:00 pm
Pre-Bid Meeting: 6/15 at 10:00 AM, email Kyle with questions.
Codes Needed: Plumbing and HVAC
Project Address: 9160 No Highway 83 M191
Project City, State: Corinne,UT
Project Zip: 84307
Carson Plumbing Contact: Kyle Hansen (kyle@carsonplumbingut.com)

Project Description

This project consists of two phases of work which will be performed concurrently. The first phase includes site improvements around the building. This scope of work includes: removal of asphalt pavement , remove ramp fill at North Loading Dock, construct addition to the existing concrete dock, site grading, installation of storm water catch basins with piping, new asphalt paving, construct concrete jacking pads, provide and install new dock leveler, Install Rip-Rap, Install new bollards, parking lot striping. Phase II includes HVAC & Electrical work to include: Install Owner Provided Mechanical Units, Install duct work, Install HVAC instrumentation and controls, perform testing adjusting and balancing Install new steam line piping and valves connecting to the Owners existing steam system. Electrical work to install new distribution panels, connect power to the HVAC equipment, Supply lighting panels transformers and beakers as described in the specifications.

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