WSU – Heat Plant infill Phase 1

Project Info

Bid Date: 06/01
Bid Time: 10:00 am
Pre-Bid Meeting: N/A - RFI's are due 5/17
Codes Needed: Plumbing and HVAC
Project Address: 1402 Edvalson St
Project City, State: Ogden, Utah
Project Zip: 84408
Carson Plumbing Contact: Kyle Hansen (

Project Description

Substantial completion date: 11/30/2021 This work includes remodeling an existing building into additional office spaces. The proposed work includes, but is not limited to, site work and building interior remodel as defined. PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE ALTERNATES ON PAGE GI002. ALTERNATES WILL BE AWARDED IN THE ORDER THAT THEY ARE LISTED. Additionally, on GI002, a prequalified list of roofers and steel fabricators are listed. Your company must be on this list to complete these scopes of work. Existing photos have been included in the bid documents. The general scope is to add a structural steel floor in the old boiler room bay to add additional office space on the main floor. Minor exterior repairs and upgrades will also occur. Special Considerations: • This project is tax exempt. • The building will be occupied during construction by maintenance staff. • Staging is somewhat limited to the parking area in the back of the building. • There is a bay door that provides direct access to the lower level where materials can be brought into the space.

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